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As a Hampton resident, ("A Community of Pride, Progress, and Tradition" and vastly overinflated property values), I resent the subtle implication that the surrounding communities do NOT care.
(apparently "progress" is the addition of obnoxious flashing electronic message signs in every strip mall and nursing home on Rt 8)


Baltimore is also looking for a new slogans. The last two, "America's Geatest City" and "Believe" didn't exactly refute the reputation as the go to locale for gritty urban dramas.

I want to go with: Don't worry, the junkies only shoot each other.


I don't think we have a slogan unless you count "McKeesport: Bringing it back" which is just admitting defeat the first time around.


I don't know if this is really our borough's slogan, persay, but there are big signs when you cross the threshold from either side announcing: Welcome to Braddock Hills-- Our Laws are Strictly Enforced.

Welcoming, eh?

Tube City

JET, I think McKeesport's slogan is "Forging Our Future From Roots of Steel," if I remember correctly. At least that's what the sign Downtown says.

I hear the runners-up were "Gateway to Glassport" and "Not as Bad as You Think."


I believe there used to be a sign in Millvale (it still may be there--across from the only Hardee's within 40 miles of Pittsburgh) that said something like "Millvale: Gateway to the North." Every time my brother would drive by that sign, he would suggest that it be changed to: "Millvale: The Boil on the Ass of the World."


When my FIL was younger, he wrote on the sign to Nucla, CO- "Insert tube here to give the world an enema".

Tube City

Millvale is missing a built-in attraction: "Last Hardee's Before Civilization Begins."


Tube City, I know in the old, old days, McKeesport was considered a "boomtown." I know this because in the early 80's my dad used to mock that by saying, "Boomtown sure... boom & eveybody's gone," but alas, here we are. Still.


Hey now...

I went to North Allegheny AND Shaler and I have to say I preferred the latter...

(because I suspect if I had never left the former, I wouldn't know the definition of "latter".)

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